January 29, 2020

Briefing - January 28, 2020


Kola Iluyomade delegated the board regarding the Education Act and the SRO Program.

Faraz Saleem delegated the board regarding Christian Heritage Month.

Paula Schulzke delegated the board regarding Board designated months.

Mary Cruden, on behalf of Canadian Parents for French, delegated the board regarding changes to French Immersion classes.

Board appoints two members to elementary French Immersion Review Committee
The Board appointed Trustees Sue Lawton and Kathy McDonald to the Elementary French Immersion Review Committee to review the recommendations of the 2012 and 2017 elementary French Immersion reviews including the enrolment caps. In addition to two appointed Trustees, Brad MacDonald, chair of the board, David Green, vice-chair of the board, will be on the committee.

Peel board to recognize Christian Heritage Month in December
The Board approved a motion to recognize and celebrate December as Christian Heritage Month effective December 2020. 

Board approves continuing education in customer service for Office Assistants and Office Managers
Trustees approved a motion in support of continuing education related to customer service for office assistants and office managers. Training will be offered at least every three years and will be developed with input from the board's Special Education Advisory Committee, Parent Involvement Committee and with employee representation.

Board approves recommendation regarding French Immersion grade 1 classes

The Board approved, effective September 2020, the recommendation to reduce the number of French Immersion grade 1 classes from the current number of 143 to 113 due to on-going teacher vacancies for a period of one school year pending the results of the French Immersion review. Despite Peel's additional recruitment strategies, the number of French Immersion teacher vacancies continues to increase.

Peel board approves boundary change between Alloa and Caledon Central Public Schools

Effective September 2020, the board approved a boundary change between Alloa and Caledon Central Public School directing all students graduating Grade 6 from Belfountain P.S. to Caledon Central P.S. for Grades 7 and 8. For more information, contact Planning and Accommodation Support Services at 905-890-1010 ext. 2212.

Board receives report regarding Secondary Gifted Education Program Review

The last board Gifted Education Program Review was published in 2009, based on data collected between 2006 and 2008. The purpose of the recent review is to provide an update on the Ontario gifted education context and literature trends, describe the secondary gifted education pathways in the board and neighbouring school boards, assess whether current secondary gifted education programs are meeting the needs of the board's secondary students and their families and outline recommendations for future planning and improvement. The full report is available on page 62 of the board agenda.

Board receives progress report on Focus on Poverty Action Plan

The Peel District School Board has begun implementation of year one of its long-term Focus on Poverty Action Plan to help address the disproportionately negative outcomes for students and families who are impacted by poverty. Year one of the action plan runs to June 2020 and includes specific actions, activities and deliverables within five action areas: awareness and understanding of the impact of poverty, supports for families living in poverty, equitable allocation of human and material resources, equitable participation in programs and student success and well-being. The full report is available on page 107 of the board agenda.

Trustees recognized the contributions and years of service of the following staff who have/are retiring:

Annette Campbell, teacher, will retire June 30, 2020

Stan Kolenko, teacher, will retire January 31, 2020

Linda Lee, psychoeducational consultant, will retire February 29, 2020

Beverley Moate, teacher, will retire March 23, 2020

Roseanne Nelson, teacher, will retire January 31, 2020

Angela Sintzel, chair of joint staffing committee, will retire June 30, 2020

Teresa Szemik, custodial staff, retired January 2, 2020

Darlene Trueman, office manager, will retire January 31, 2020

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