October 13, 2016

Briefing - October 13, 2016


Board asks staff, students and parents to say “thank you” to bus drivers

The board recognized Oct. 19, 2016, as Bus Driver Appreciation Day in Peel schools, a day for staff, parents and students to participate in a variety of activities to express their appreciation for school bus drivers.

Peel board recognizes Peel Teaching Assistant and Early Childhood Educators’ Appreciation Day on
Oct. 26

The board recognized Oct. 26, 2016, as Peel Teaching Assistant and Early Childhood Educators’ Appreciation Day in Peel schools. This day is held on the last Wednesday in October every year. Schools will participate in various activities to acknowledge the contributions teaching assistants and early childhood educators make in the lives of children, families and community members.

The Learning Partnership recognizes October as National Principals’ Month

The Learning Partnership has declared October as National Principals’ Month in Canada to recognize and raise awareness about the vital role of principals in public schools and communities across Canada.

Trustees write to Minister of Education to ask province to revisit its definition of a classroom

Trustees will send a letter to the Honourable Mitzie Hunter asking the province to revisit its definition of a “classroom” in response to challenges the board is facing as a result of discontinued top-up funding that supports custodial services. This reduction in funding resulted in the closure of what the province refers to as “empty” classrooms during the 2016-17 school year, and possible future music (vocal) and French classroom closures in elementary schools beginning as early as 2017-18.
The news release and letter are available at: http://peelschools.org/media/newsreleases/Pages/Article.aspx?art-id=1611.

Board approves revisions to Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Recent Ministry of Education amendments to sections of Ontario Regulation 361/10 Audit Committees requires updates to the current Audit Committee Terms of Reference. The revised Terms of Reference are available in section 9.3 of the Board Meeting Agenda at: http://peelschools.org/Documents/Open%20Session%20Board%20-%20October%2013,%202016.pdf.

Board appoints Trustees to Budget Development Committee

Trustees Kathy McDonald, Sue Lawton and David Green were appointed to the Budget Development Committee.

Trustees approves local agreement with OPSEU 283 (ESL and LBS Instructors)
The board approved the tentative local agreement with OPSEU 283 (ESL and LBS Instructors). OPSEU 283 ratified the agreement on Oct. 6, 2016.

The following elementary principal assignment will be effective November 1, 2016:

Lynn Bristoll from principal at Caledon Central Public School to principal at Belfountain Public School

Trustees recognized the contributions and years of service of the following staff who are retiring:

Lea Henderson, office assistant, will retire Oct. 31
Margaret Latham, school attendant, retired Sept. 30
Pamela Luscott, school attendant, will retire Oct. 31
Beverley MacKenzie, office manager, will retire Dec. 30
Janice McNamara, teacher, will retire Oct. 31
Laureen Patrick, teacher, will retire Nov. 25

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