March 27, 2012

Briefing - March 27, 2012

Peel board honours winner of G.W. Finlayson Scholarship

Trustees congratulated teacher Heather Marshall, teacher from Sunny View Middle School, for having been awarded the G.W. Finlayson Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually for teaching excellence and encourages professional growth in the area of outdoor education. It is awarded in the memory of G.W. Finlayson, a former superintendent with the Peel board and was established in 1977.

Peel board celebrates public education during Education Week - April 16 to 27

Peel public schools will host hundreds of special activities and events to celebrate Education Week 2012. To give schools plenty of time to hold activities, this celebration of education will be held for two weeks from April 16 to 27. The theme for this year's focus on education is You are the Smile.


In addition to inviting parents and community residents to visit their classrooms during the week, Peel schools are hosting open houses, plays/musicals, storytelling, environmental activities, awards assemblies, talent shows and much more.


One of the highlights of Education Week is the presentation of Awards of Excellence. The award recipients are students, volunteers, staff and community partners who have made outstanding contributions to public education in Peel. The awards will be presented to 30 deserving recipients at the Showcase of Excellence ceremony on April 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the board room, HJA Brown Education Centre, 5650 Hurontario St., Mississauga.


More than 1000 individuals will also be honoured during Education Week with Awards of Distinction for their contributions to their school or workplace.


Trustee Beryl Ford honoured with OPSBA President's Award for 25 years of service in public education

Trustees congratulated fellow trustee Beryl Ford for being awarded with the Ontario Public School Board Association’s (OPSBA) President’s Award for 25 year of service in public education. She was honoured with an elegantly designed silver pin and a certificate at OPSBA’s Public Education Symposium on January 27.


The award is given to trustees who have stood by their vision and selflessly given of themselves to the students and parents of Ontario for more than 25 years. OPSBA has been recognizing 25 years of service as a trustee since 2002 when the first award was created by Trustee Bill Dawes, Vice President of the Northern Region.


2011 United Way award winners

Each year, United Way awards are presented to Peel board sites in recognition of their efforts to foster a sense of communality in their campaigns. The board is pleased to congratulate the following winners:


Harold  Braithwaite Award

Winner:           McKinnon Public School

Runner-up:      Kenollie Public School

Runner-up:      Harold M. Braithwaite Secondary School


Student Leadership Award: Harold M. Braithwaite Secondary School


Top achieving schools:

Elementary:     Whiteoaks Public School & Roberta Bondar Public School

Middle:           Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School

Secondary:      Lorne Park Secondary School


United Way Region of Peel Spirit Awards:

Helping Hands award:            Fernforest Falcons, Fernforest Public School

Biggest Bucks award:             Whiteoaks Outreach Club, Whiteoaks Public School

Board approves Policy #64 - Regional Learning Choices Programs


The Peel board approved Policy #64 - Regional Learning Choices Programs, which replaces former policy #64 – Creative Learning Choices and Policy #73 – Regional Programs.


The board is committed to the creation, replication and maintenance of Regional Learning Choices Programs at elementary and secondary schools to support student success. The programs are grounded in the following principles:


  • student and community engagement are key elements for all schools.
  • increased program choices will provide a range of program options and pathways for students that meet their specific needs and interests.
  • equity of opportunity and access for students will be promoted through equitable and inclusive education practices.

Trustees also approved the renaming of the Learning Choices Committee to the Regional Choices Programs Steering Committee, as it continues the ongoing implementation of the processes in place for the creation, replication and maintenance of Regional Learning Choices programs.

Peel board to encourage students to BYODbring your own device
Board approves major investing in Learning and Technology Plan to boost 21st Century learning

Trustees approved the transfer of $7 million from its Working Fund Reserve to cover the cost of information technology infrastructure to support the board’s Vision for Learning and Instructional Technology Plan. The result will transform access to technology in Peel schools.


“In global communities that are linked so closely through the Internet, it’s critical that we provide our students and staff with the tools they need to build 21st Century learning skills,” says Tony Pontes, director of education. “The board’s historic financial investment in the future of learning and instructional technology will provide access to learning anytime, anywhere—access we know will lead to innovation and exploration through learning and connecting with the world. We need to expand access to current technology and encourage students to BYOD—bring your own device—to engage them in learning.”


“Providing safe and accessible wireless networks is essential to the Peel board’s vision for learning technology,” says Pontes. “Wireless access will provide flexibility for the use of mobile technology, including tablets, personal electronic devices and laptops, in schools. Through the use of WiFi or Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), students and staff will be able to access learning and teaching resources and files on the Internet from anywhere in the building. A comprehensive communication plan to the system will be developed.”


In the fall of 2010, the Peel board undertook a review of the current successes and challenges related to the implementation of digital technologies for teaching and learning. The outcome of the review is a set of recommendations based on the principles of 21st Century learning:

  • collaborative inquiry to solve real and relevant problems
  • creativity and innovation
  • critical thinking and problem-solving
  • communication

Key components of the board’s learning technology plan include:

  • teacher support and professional learning
  • equitable access to core technology across schools
  • digital learning resources available anywhere, anytime
  • Internet-based (Cloud) file services for students
  • enabling the use of student personal technology
  • wireless access to support personal student technology
  • policies and guidelines for the appropriate use of technology
  • communication and collaboration tools to engage students and parents

All wireless equipment installed in Peel schools complies with Health Canada’s Safety Code.  WLANs allow technology within schools to operate without cables and wiring, enabling greater access to the Internet through electronic devices that help to boost teaching and learning.


System implementation of the plan will begin in July 2012. A copy of the board’s Vision for Learning and Instructional Technology Plan is available on the Peel board’s website at www.peelschools.orglook for the link in the “Spotlight” section of the home page.



Trustees recognized the contributions and years of service of the following staff who are retiring effective June 30 unless otherwise indicated:


Margaret Allison, school attendant, will retire March 30

Urmilla Balsara, teacher

Sonja Barton, teacher

Norma Bateman, teacher

Thomas Bates, teacher, will retire March 31

Anne Bell, teacher

Cecilia Benson, teacher

Betty Billings, teaching assistant, will retire Aug. 31

Edward Blackbourn, teacher

Darlene Brooks, teacher

Karen Cole, principal

Margaret Dummler, teacher

Karen Franklin, vice-principal

Leonard Fry, media support specialist, will retire June 29

Lynne Gillis, teacher

Deborah Harris, principal

Barbara Haskett, teacher, retired Feb. 29

Ruth Hopkins, teacher

Wayne Jones, principal

Valerie Jones, teacher

Elaine Karton, principal

Dianne Keough, teaching assistant, will retire Aug. 31

Susan Knuckey, teaching assistant, will retire June 29

Janice LaFramboise, teacher

Deborah LaRoche, teaching assistant, retired Oct. 1, 2011

Robert Latham, teacher

Virginia Lehman, teacher, will retire March 31

Richard Matson, data centre operator, retired March 1

Paddy Menzies, teacher

Karen Monk, teacher

Doreen Moore, office assistant, will retire Aug. 31

Louise Nelson, teacher

Aruna Palipane, teacher, will retire Oct. 31

Olha Pelech, teacher

Elizabeth Pomeroy, teacher

Mary Ann Richardson, social worker, will retire June 29

Karen Salvatore, principal

Maria Sangster, teacher

Anke Scarselletta, principal

Margaret Shier, teacher

Mark Silverstein, teacher

Laureen Van Lankveld, teacher

Patricia Weatherbee, teacher

Judith White, teacher


The next regular meeting of the board of trustees is April 10, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

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