August 31, 2016

Briefing - August 31, 2016



Catherine Soplet delegated the board regarding the 2017 pilot of the Citizenship Apprenticeship Program.

Board approves OPSBA renewal

The board approved the renewal of its membership to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA). OPSBA represents public district school boards and public school authorities across the province and advocates on behalf of the interests and needs of the public school system in Ontario.

Trustees approve that the tentative local agreement with OPSEU 292 (LTSS and MSSA) be ratified upon ratification by OPSEU 292

The board approve that the tentative local agreement with OPSEU 292 (LTSS and MSSA) be ratified upon ratification by OPSEU 292. OPSEU 292 is scheduled to conduct the ratification vote on Sept. 13, 2016.

Board approves appointment to the Special Education Advisory Committee

Trustees appointed Thomas Corbett as the alternate representative for the Learning Disabilities Association of Peel Region on the Peel District School Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee.

Board approves policy changes

Trustees approved changes to the following Peel District School Board policies:

• Policy #10 – Courses, Conferences, Seminars
• Policy #17 – Excursions
• Policy #22 – Hours of Instruction and Supervision of Students
• Policy #39 – Transportation
• Policy #56 – Occupational Health and Safety
• Policy #62 – Flag Raising
• Policy #79 – Expenses

Changes are available on the Peel board website—see Section 9.4 of the Board Meeting Agenda on page 95.

Secondary vice-principal assignment

Rita Betro to vice-principal at Streetsville Secondary School, effective Sept. 1, 2016

Trustees recognized the contributions and years of service of the following staff who have/are retiring:

Prem Bhuchar, teaching assistant, retired June 30
Elizabeth Brown, school attendant, retired Aug. 28
Christine Cole, teacher, retired Aug. 31
Anne De Zoeten, teaching assistant, retired July 31
Deborah-lynne Eldjarnson, teaching assistant, retired Aug. 31
Cristina Garcia, custodian, will retire Dec. 31
Susan Gould, teacher, retired June 30
Brete Griffin, teacher, retired June 30
Linda Hawke, office assistant, retired Aug. 31
John Hobbins, teacher, retired Aug. 31
Laurel Hutchison, teacher, retired June 30
Mary Ingham, office assistant, retired Aug. 26
Mark Lawson, preventative maintenance mechanic leadhand, retired Aug. 31
Hyacinth Lindo, custodian, retired July 27
Barbara Malagowski, custodian, retired July 31
Anastasia Mavridis, teaching assistant, retired Aug. 1
Haroon Mohammed, custodian, retired June 30
Fran Mongeon, office manager, retired Aug. 31
Wendy Mudd, teacher, retired Aug. 31
Rehana Noori, teaching assistant, retired Aug. 31
Brian Pashley, psychoeducational consultant, retired Aug. 31
Janet Patterson, office assistant, will retire Sept. 21
Janet Russell, teacher, will retire Sept. 30
Terry Seneshen, media support specialist, retired July 29
Millie Stewart, office assistant, will retire Sept. 6
Brian Storey, teacher, retired June 30
Patrick Tannahill, teacher, retired July 31
Helen Tarakanov, teacher, retired Aug. 31
Darinka Tkalcic, school attendant, retired June 30
Guy Van Berkel, teaching assistant, will retire Sept. 2
Grant Wardlaw, teacher, retired June 30
Nancy Whillans, teacher, retired Aug. 31
Jane Zaffino, office manager, retired Aug. 31


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