November 14, 2017

Regular Meeting of the Board - November 14, 2017


In order to ensure the safety of staff, students, parents and community members who attend Regular Meetings of the Board, the Peel District School Board has introduced a meeting access process. Attendees will be required to present government issued photo identification and sign in. For additional details, visit the “What’s New” section of the Peel board’s website home page at


Complete Board Agenda
1. Call to Order 
 National Anthem
 Approval of Agenda

 Special Presentations

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Minutes

 3.1 Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee, October 11, 2017
 3.2 Supplementary Meeting of the Board, October 17, 2017

 3.3 Special Education Advisory Committee, October 17, 2017 (will be available on a future agenda)

 3.4 Regular Meeting of the Board, October 24, 2017

 3.5 Physical Planning & Building Committee (APD) Meeting, October 30, 2017

4. Chair's Request for Written Questions from Trustees

5. Notices of Motion and Petitions

6. Special Section for Receipt

 6.1 Retirements

 6.2 Good News!

 6.3 Peel Custodial & Maintenance Workers’ Appreciation Day – November 24, 2017

7. Delegations

 7.1 Delegation by Christina Heydorn regarding APD Recommendations concerning Mineola Public School

 7.2 Delegation by Catherine Soplet to request continued endorsement of the Peel Youth Charter

8. Old Business

 8.1 Response to delegation by Carol Postigo Brooks regarding additional portables at Thomas Street Middle School

9. New Business

 9.1 Recommendations of the Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee, October 11, 2017

 9.2 Recommendations of the Special Education Advisory Committee, October 17, 2017 (will be available on a future agenda)

 9.3 Recommendations of the Physical Planning & Building Committee (APD), October 30, 2017

 9.4 Peel District School Board - Policy 72 – Trustee Honoraria

 9.5 Notice of Motion:  Trustee Dakroub re proximity of marijuana dispensaries to Peel schools

 9.6 Notice of Motion:  Trustee K. McDonald re Peel District School Board Minutes

10. Reports from Officials and Staff

11. Director’s Report

12. Reports from Ontario Public School Boards’ Association

 12.1 OPSBA Connects – October 23, 2017

 12.2 OPSBA Connects – November 6, 2017

13. Communications - For Action or Receipt

14. Response of Administration to Former Questions

 14.1 Response to Trustee K. McDonald’s questions regarding current policies relating to celebrating special days and activities

15. Reports from Trustee Representatives on Councils/Associations

16. Comments or Questions from Board Members

17. Public Question Period

18. Further Business

19. Adoption of the In Committee Reports

20. Adjournment

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