June 12, 2015

Regular Meeting of the Board- June 15, 2015


  1. Call to Order ​​
  2. National Anthem


    Approval of Agenda​

    Special Presentations

    1. Presentation to the Board by Lyn​n Hiebert, Chief Executive Officer, Peel Lunch and After School Programs (PLASP)
    2. Presentation to the Board by Tracy Appleton, EcoSchools Program Leader, regarding Peel’s EcoSchools
    3. Presentation re the 2014-2015 Premier’s Award for Accepting Schools
    4. Presentation re the 2014-2015 “What if Everyone Did Something to Stop Cyber Bullying” Contest
  3. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
  4. Minutes
    1. Physical Planning and Building Committee Meeting, June 2, 2015 (will be available on a future agenda)
    2. Regular Meeting of the Board, June 9, 2015 (will be available on a future agenda)
    3. Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee Meeting, June 10, 2015 (will be available on a future agenda)
  5. Chair's Request for Written Questions from Trustees
  6. Notices of Motion and Petitions
  7. Special Section for Receipt
    1. Retirements
    2. Good News!
  8. Delegations
  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
    1. Amendment to Peel District School Board By-Law G–13 – Petitions
    2. Third Quarterly Financial Reports, as at May 31, 2015
  11. Reports from Officials and Staff 
    1. Workforce Census Update
  12. Director’s Report
  13. Reports from Ontario Public School Boards’ Association
  14. Communications - For Action or Receipt
  15. Response of Administration to Former Questions
  16. Reports from Trustee Representatives on Councils/Associations
  17. Questions asked of and by Board Members
  18. Public Question Period​
  19. Further Business
  20. Adoption of the In Committee Reports
  21. Adjournment

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