November 6, 2014

Students at Cawthra Park host CAWTHRAx conference

This past Wednesday, the Writer's Craft classes took over Cawthra Park to create a conference called CAWTHRAx. The theme of the day was 'You do you'. Student-writers coordinated writing workshops for grade 10 students aimed at fostering a positive environment where students could explore their goals and consider how to make a place for these passions in their future pathways. These workshops incorporated writing, technology, and active exploration and applied the writing techniques discovered in Writer's Craft so far this year. We also hosted current and former Cawthra students, including Wali Shah, Sam Morton, and Spencer MacPherson, who shared how they have found their own passions and made a place for it in their future plans. The day was rounded out by powerful spoken word performances from Chelsea Tao, Justine Ricketts, and Wafa Syed.The day was successful due to the hard work of all the Writer's Craft students who coordinated the day and made sure the school won't forget #youdoyou!

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