June 24, 2014

Queenston Drive goes global and transforms "Me" to "WE"

Queenston Drive’s student-led Change NOW Committee (CNC) continued to promote Global Awareness for Free the Children. In addition to participating in the We Are Love, We Are Silent, Holiday Gift Drive, and Brick-By-Brick campaigns this year, the Change NOW leadership team facilitated their 4th annual school-wide event, Five Days for Freedom last week.

Each day was dedicated to one of five Free the Children pillars: Education, Clean Water, Health, Alternative Income and Livelihood, and Agriculture and Food Security). A Mini WE Day was held on June 16, where Free the Children’s Deepa Prashad and Children in Action’s Vishal Vijay spoke to students about the school’s focus pillar, Education in Africa.

Queenston Drive has collectively fundraised over $1000 for Free the Children’s education initiatives this year! We are proud of our students in CNC who have empowered a generation of students to care about local and global issues. Be the change!

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