June 13, 2014

Fallingbrook Middle School named regional winners of RBC-Evergreen Watershed Champions Award

Congratulations to Fallingbrook Middle School for being chosen as the regional winner of the RBC-Evergreen Watershed Champions Award!

A huge thank you to grade 8 students Aalia Khan, Rana Al-Fayez, and Surutiga Ranjan, under the supervision of Peter Zirnis, Terry Stober, and Baljinder Bath, for their hard work. Their project, “Urban Wetland Celebration”, focuses on the effort of staff and students in raising awareness of the Creditview Wetland. Fallingbrook will be donating their prize money towards continued conservation efforts at the Creditview Wetland.

The RBC-Evergreen Watershed Champions Award recognizes classes that demonstrate learning about their local watershed and who take action to care for it.

Read more about Fallingbrook’s submission here: http://www.evergreen.ca/downloads/pdfs/watershed_award_2014/Fallingbrook%20profile.pdf

For more information about the RBC-Evergreen Watershed Awards, please visit: http://www.evergreen.ca/en/blog/entry/rbc-evergreen-watershed-champions-award-winners

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