June 16, 2014

Stanley Mills Public School celebrates national pride with 7th annual Canadian Celebration

Students, staff and parents at Stanley Mills Public School will celebrate their Canadian pride during the week of June 16 to 20. Throughout the week, classes will focus on  Canadian pride with trivia, DEAL AND EAR presentations about Canadian culture, including musicians and authors. The week will conclude with their 7th annual Canadian Celebration on June 20.

"We believe that celebrating our amazing Canadian culture means to foster inclusivity and respect for one another in all we do at Stanley Mills,” says Paul Fiorini, principal at Stanley Mills. “Celebrating what it means to be Canadian and honouring our cultural mosaic inspires each of us to make a meaningful contribution to the Peel community and our great nation."  

The event will kick off with an assembly, featuring songs, written pieces and artwork by students, followed by a parade in the community. In the afternoon, students in grade 2 will have the opportunity to speak with residents of local retirement community LeisureWorld. The event will conclude with a sing-along concert with Canadian children’s performer Markus.

The event will run from 8:30 to 2:30 p.m. Parents are invited to join the parade and cheer on their children at the parade. All are encouraged to wear red and white.

For more information,, please contact Laura Smith at [email protected]

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