October 8, 2013

Lougheed Middle School hosts Day of Inclusion

For the second year, Lougheed Middle School has implemented a school wide Inclusion and Diversity inquiry culminating in a Day of Inclusion on Thursday, Oct. 10. Students are focusing on various aspects of the following eight ism's: Ableism, Ageism, Classism, Faith as an ism, Heterosexism, Lookism, Racism and Sexism.

Students have researched the ‘ism’ they found most interesting. Once students completed their research, they were able to create an action to challenge this ism. Students are sharing their findings and their action with the rest of the school and the community on Oct. 10 during the school’s Day of Inclusion.

The library will be hosting a social media cafe where all students are welcome to share their challenge with the world.
Twitter: @LougheedMiddle #dayofinclusion
Instagram: #LougheedMiddledayofinclusion
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