September 11, 2019

Lincoln M. Alexander’s EcoLynx club’s environmental stewardship leads to third Ontario EcoSchools Platinum Certification

Since 2000, Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School has been an active supporter of environmental protection. The main purpose of EcoLynx is to provide the tools and opportunities for students to get actively involved in environmental conservation. Numerous students and teachers have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about environmental issues and to promote healthy and sustainable practices.


In the 2018-19 school year, EcoLynx attended the EcoBuzz Conference, led a school-wide waste audit, hosted activities for water week and entered environmental competitions, such as the Enbridge Energy School Challenge and the Plastic Bag Grab Challenge. Lincoln has also participated in the Three Per Cent Project in collaboration with the Foundation for Environmental Sustainability. In addition, numerous organizations, such as EcoSpark, EcoSource and Toronto Region Conservation Authority, were invited to the school to educate the students about responsible waste management and ecosystem sustainability.

Lincoln M. Alexander SS - EcoLynx logo.png Ontario EcoSchools Platinum 2019 - Lincoln M. Alexander SS - resized1.png

For the third year in a row, Lincoln M. Alexander has been the recipient of the Ontario EcoSchools Platinum Certification, which reflects the highest level of environmental action stewardship and engagement. This recognition came as a result of a total community involvement as students, staff and other Malton community members have played an active role in environmental protection.
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