September 9, 2019

Copeland Public School installs its first custom sensory path for students

​In celebration of Copeland Public School's 10 year anniversary, staff and students came up with the idea of installing its first custom sensory path in order to make their school environment more engaging. This inclusive path will create an exciting and new way for students to engage while working on self-regulation or transition skills. Copeland Public School's start of the Wild Walk Hallway Path school news.jpg

"It's a fun, engaging multi-sensory and acts as a great addition to the school that will provide a new class activity for daily physical activity, indoor recess and more. This will help address various learning styles and children with different needs, including students living with autism," says Leanne Rathbone, principal at Copeland.

 Sensory path on the ground with rainbow and alphabets.jpg

Jump2Math and staff worked together to design the school's "Wild Walk Hallway Path", a custom multi-sensory approach to engage students in whole body learning. This custom design will now be available worldwide through Jump2Math.

 Young male student walking on the sensory path through school hallway.jpg

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