July 17, 2019

Grade nine students exhibit innovative ideas for the future of Brampton in 2040

​Early this year, Jean Augustine Secondary School students partnered with the City of Brampton 2040 Vision team in support of their work to create, justify, and exhibit their innovative ideas for Brampton's future in 2040.


The students showcased their ideas and innovations at the UrbanEyes (Empowered Youth Exploring Sustainability) Brampton Vision Expo and invited city councillors and the public to view creative solutions that focused on areas of improvement including transportation, alternative living, health and wellness, and highlight what the City of Brampton could look like in 2040.

"They're potentially going to be taking this to city council and presenting it to them and having an impact that they can see on their community, I think it's really important for them," says Sara Anderson, geography teacher at Jean Augustine.

This is the second year for the school in running this partnered initiative as part of the final evaluation for the grade 9 geography classes. Students explored the Design Thinking Model and worked with the City's planning department to gather research on various factors including demographics, ethnic groups, sustainability, population and connected it to key concepts from their course.

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