July 9, 2019

Three Streetsville educators receive the Loran Scholar’s Teachers Building Leaders Award

​Three educators from Streetsville Secondary School received the Loran Scholars Foundation's Teachers Building Leaders Award for their extraordinary work in providing inspiration, guidance and abundance of growth opportunities for Loran Scholars.

 ​Loran Scholar 2019 - school news - Teachers Building Leaders Award - Gengiz Demets, Robyn Dunn and Suzanne Raymond.jpg

This year, Justina Marianayagam, graduate from Streetsville and Loran Scholar, has nominated her teachers, Gengiz Demets, Robyn Dunn and Suzanne Raymond for this award. ​

"Thank you to the Loran Scholars Foundation for giving me the opportunity to return to Streetsville to present the Teachers Building Leaders Award to three incredible mentors," says Justina.

 Streetsville - school news - Loran Scholar 2019.jpg

Each year, graduating Loran Scholars, students who are recipients of this prestigious scholarship, are invited to show gratitude to the teachers who impacted their lives by nominated them for a Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award. As of December 2018, 58 Loran Scholars have recognized 74 teachers across Canada.

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