July 5, 2019

Scott Currie receives the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM education

Scott Currie, teacher at Jean Augustine Secondary School recently received the 2019 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM Regional Certificate of Achievement for his commitment and contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Currie is one of 15 teachers from across Canada to receive the award.

School news - Scott Currie and The Colectve.jpg ​

Scott Currie and The Colectve

He was nominated by both his peers and students for his "high-energy and positivism". His peers describes his classroom as a "transformative experience as if one was being given a glimpse of what a future high school might look like".

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Currie is a technology teacher, educating students in grades 9-12 about the design process, architecture and more through introductions to drawing, 3D modeling, 3D-printing, and laser machines, to name a few. He has successfully opened three state-of-the-art facilities and schools for Peel, including Castlebrooke Secondary School. In his first year with the Board, Currie opened the SciTech program at Chinguacousy Secondary School. Outside of Jean Augustine, Currie has been a sessional professor​ at Sheridan College and works diligently to build community partnerships that open up opportunities for students to gain real-world experiences.

 School news - Scott Currie and Simar Mangat, valedictorian and graduate from Jean Augustine.png

Scott Currie and Simar Mangat, graduate from Jean Augustine Secondary School

"As a technological design teacher, Mr. Currie puts value to student voice and leadership. I was once a student who had no interest in technological design but as the classes went on, I was amazed by the opportunities we were given with the resources we have. I explored multiple disciplines throughout the class and discovered a passion for architectural design," says Simar Mangat, grade 12 student at Jean Augustine.​

School news - Simar working with her teachers Royce Li and Scott Currie on the kitchen design.jpg

Royce Li, teacher at Jean Augustine, Simar Mangat and Scott Currie

Beyond the classroom, Currie also acts as an advisor to a group of students at Jean Augustine called The Colectve who explores new ideas daily through technology. The Colectve works to give back to the community, including designing a 3D-model for chocolatiers, industry-standard kitchen design and working with commercial partners. Through Currie's mentorship, students are given real-world experiences and opportunities, while also providing a service for their local communities.​

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Scott Currie and Jean Augustine

For Currie, technological literacy and numeracy are vital to education in the 21st-century. "Our students need to be able to see that not only are mistakes opportunities, but a necessary part of learning," says Currie.

Currie lives in Hamilton with his wife Meghan and three boys ages 3, 6 and 8. He is currently completing a master's degree in E-Health Sciences at McMaster University with an emphasis on additive manufacturing for pre-surgical planning and education training.

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The Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM Regional Certificate of Achievement is presented annually to teachers for their "remarkable achievements in education and for their commitment to preparing their students for a digital and innovation-based economy". 

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