July 3, 2019

Peel District School Board partners with GreenLearning to ‘make energy visible to students’

​The Peel District School Board has recently partnered with GreenLearning, a non-profit organization that creates energy and sustainability programming for students, to launch their pilot program, Energy Revealed. The program's aim is to "make energy visible" in schools by leveraging and offering new technology to schools.

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"At the Peel District School Board, we pride ourselves on the creation of innovative learning opportunities that empower our students and will make a lasting impact on our community long after a student has graduated," said Peter Joshua, director of education at the Peel District School Board. "We are thrilled to have been able to partner with an organization like GreenLearning to launch Energy Revealed, a program that we believe will heighten awareness of environmental issues among our students and give them the tools to affect real change."

Energy Revealed is a learning initiative that brings real-time energy monitoring technology and energy management directly into the hands of staff and students. It will utilize electricity meters that are installed in the school to develop modern learning opportunities and thereby encouraging and empowering students to become energy leaders in their schools, homes and communities.

As part of its pilot program, GreenLearning invited Mayfield, Sandalwood Heights and Stephen Lewis secondary schools, based on their metering technology and Gold and Platinum EcoSchools status, to participate in their first focus group. At the meetings, students and staff provided their insights on how to leverage this technology to benefit the environment and conducted a test run of the project.

"In response to a commitment to be more energy efficient, we recently installed energy metering technology in all of the facilities owned by the board – 270 buildings total," says Benjamin Ratcliffe, energy specialist at the Peel District School Board. "These installations have already lead to energy savings and have created a wonderful opportunity for GreenLearning to partner with us in their pre-pilot program. By revealing the schools' energy usage to students, we can engage them to take actions on improving efficiency which mitigates climate change and saves money."

To learn more about the program, please visit: www.greenlearning.ca/programs/energy-revealed.​

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