May 2, 2019

Jessica Archdekin receives prestigious Innovative Business Education Teacher Award

​On May 2, Jessica Archdekin, teacher at David Suzuki Secondary School, received the Innovative Business Education Teacher Award from The Ontario Business Educators' Association (OBEA) for her dedication and outstanding contributions to business education.

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"It's an honour to be the recipient of this award. Business education is my passion and I am fortunate enough to teach it to a whole new generation," says Archdekin. "I became a teacher because I wanted to make a positive impact within my community."

Archdekin is a business teacher at David Suzuki and has been an educator for the past eight years.

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"In business studies, financial literacy is a topic that comes up regularly. I believe it's one of the most critical skills students can develop. I love building programming and finding ways to make the class engaging," says Archdekin.

The award is presented annually to an outstanding business educator who is an "effective classroom teacher and is dedicated to teaching and students". The recipient must incorporate innovative teaching practices, demonstrate professional leadership and more.

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"Hands down, the students are my biggest motivator. There's nothing more satisfying than when a student has an 'aha' moment, or when they tell you how much they enjoyed a lesson or assignment. I keep a box of thank you notes and letters from students over the years and it's my most treasured possession," says Archdekin. "I'm also lucky enough to work at a school filled with high-energy, motivated and passionate teachers. We inspire each other to do more and be better."

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David Suzuki runs nearly 40 sections of business courses each year. Whether students hope to someday become their own boss or a big business executive, desire to work in any field, the skills they learn in business class will aid them in many areas, including project management, budgeting, financial planning, communication and more.

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