April 29, 2019

Treeline students sweep top awards at national competition for environmental promotion

​Students at Treeline Public School placed first, second and third in all of Canada in the Young Reporters for the Environment's (YRE) National Competition. Students from across Canada investigated solutions to plastic pollution in their communities, and shared their findings through photography, video or writing. Students from across Peel submitted entries and three students from Treeline, insert student names, placed first, second and third in the photography category with their thoughtful and insightful solutions.

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These students participated in the competition as part of their cross-curricular class assignment for language (Writing and Media) and geography. As part of the competition, students found a local plastic solution problem, connected it to a global sustainability issue and told the story through a photograph, along with a 150 word caption.

Karman Kapoor

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In Canada, every year 2.86 billion plastic bags are used. Plastic has become a go-to resource for businesses. Plastic is an affordable material. While plastic has pros it certainly also has cons. Plastic is not biodegradable. Locally, retail stores use plastic bags which are intended to be used only once. Worldwide, plastic is wasted and taken for granted. Approximately 1.5 million pounds of plastic enters the oceans every hour. Countries such as Italy and Bangladesh have banned plastic bags. Canada needs to be the next one to take a stand. Plastic, is it worth our future?

Komal Kainth

Komal-Kainth - school news.jpg

Plastic oxygen. Breath in, Breath out. In that one second 160,000 plastic bags were created. In the next second 160,000 more have been produced. We use plastic bags like we use oxygen. Every second, minute, every hour, more of these environmentally damaging products are created, only to immediately go to landfills where they photo-degrade and absorb toxins that will continue to pollute our environment. We use plastic bags like they grow on trees. While they might be a faster and easier choice, a reusable bag is a safer and healthier choice. Plastic oxygen will never be a thing.

Harguntoj Thind

Harguntoj-Thind - school news.jpg

Did you know Canada generates 31 tons of waste and Toronto spends 25,000,000 dollars on cleaning up this litter? This isn't just a local problem. People all around the world are crushing our planet because our of addiction to plastic and our horrible carbon footprints. Only 79% of litter end up in landfills and most of the litter isn't biodegradable. We have to stop our plastic addiction and start using reusable and biodegradable items. We can just recycle to solve the problem but we need to reduce more to save our planet. Is littering worth our world?

Below is a full list of all Peel board student participants and their submissions:

Category: Photography

1st place – Karman Kapoor, Treeline Public School

2nd place – Komal Kainth, Treeline Public School

3rd place – Harguntoj Thind, Treeline Public School

Category: Writing

 1st place – Hamidah Oderinwale, Sir William Gage Middle School

2nd place – Arham Ali, Morning Star Middle School

3rd place – Kira Patel, Morning Star Middle School​

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