April 24, 2019

Macville student’s space invention brought to life by “Magnificent Maker”

​Students at Macville Public School investigated life in space in order to create inventions to make astronauts life on the International Space Station easier, more comfortable and fun. The inventions were created as part of the international competition, Inventions for Space, organized by Little Inventors in collaboration with the National Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Grade 6 student Arashdeep Sroya's invention called "The Sun Cube" is one of 18 inventions selected from across the globe to be brought to life by the Little Inventor's Magnificent Maker.   

​​School news - Macville PS - Arashdeep's Sun Cube invention - 2.jpg

Sroya's invention—The Sun Cube—is designed to simulate sunset and sunrise by using a LED light and battery. The invention also plays nature sounds, is designed to help astronauts sleep better and can be set using Wi-Fi.

School news - Macville PS - Arashdeep's Sun Cube invention - 1.jpg 

School news - Little Inventors - Isabel Deslauriers - Arashdeep Sroya's Sun Cube invention - 1.jpg

Photo credit: Isabel Deslauriers, Little Inventors

As part of the competition, Sroya had the opportunity to speak with Isabel Deslauriers, the Magnificent Maker, to explain his invention further to ensure it is created to his expectations.

School news - Macville PS - Arashdeep's Sun Cube invention - 3.jpg 

The 18 inventions created will be exhibited as part of Science Odyssey, Canada's largest celebration of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, from May 4 to 19. ​

To view Deslauriers detail her process in creating Sroya's "Sun Cube", visit www.littleinventors.org/makers/isabel-deslauriers


The competition was created in collaboration with the NSERC and the CSA to "challenge children across the country to come up with ingenious ideas that could be developed into inventions to make life in space easier and more fun."

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