April 17, 2019

Edenrose student named Grand Prize Winner in Lives That Make a Difference Essay Contest

​Ali Saqib, grade 5 student from Edenrose Public School was named A&E Network's Grand Prize Winner of its Lives That Make a Difference Essay Contest. Students from across Canada submitted essays detailing the impact an individual has made to society.

 Ali Saqib, Edenrose Public School student.jpg

"We received many essays on Chystia Freeland this year, but Ali's stood out from the rest. He was able to capture Minister Freeland's important role representing Canada to the world as Minister of Foreign Affairs" said Sara Hinzman, Vice President Distribution, A+E Networks. "He guided us through Minister Freeland's important work in 2018, and we are pleased to award him the Grand Prize."

The contest invites students in grades 5 to 12 across Canada to write an essay on who they think made an important impact on Canadian society in the past year.

Read Ali's essay on Chrystia Freeland below:​

A wise politician with a strong intent to drive Canada towards success; Chrystia Freeland is set to become one of the most politically and socially influential individuals in Canadian history. Before her appointment as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Freeland was a writer and worked as a journalist, providing her with a skill set to become a strong voice for Canada. An articulate speaker with an ability to promptly formulate ideas, Freeland is known for her strong opinion alongside a friendly attitude when negotiating with other foreign representatives. She has made key decisions in the past year, namely the implementation of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), following a 14-month period of intense international negotiations. The widespread effects of this trade deal are of great benefit to over 200,000 Canadian businesses, as it allows them to export products at a competitive and tariff-free price. This results in exponential growth of small business, which in turn creates jobs that impacts the lives of many young Canadians with the potential to become prosperous. Moreover, Freeland is actively looking to address social challenges, in order to improve the everyday life of Canadians. In a society driven by men, Freeland attempts to empower women by creating an ambassador position that would be responsible for maintaining peace and security for women. Freeland also personifies Canada's religious diversity, as she decided to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan by fasting with Muslims, becoming a role model with a message of unity. Despite being the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland values her position of power and acknowledges her ability to impact the lives of Canadians. To conclude, Freeland has taken appropriate steps to secure Canada's future as a major influencer of world trade, while also driving smaller initiatives that impact our society. ​

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