February 26, 2019

Mayfield’s Regional Arts students debut Fish, Fangs and Flowers gallery

​Grade 9 Regional Arts students from Mayfield Secondary School, recently debuted their artwork inspired by Peony Yip, titled Fish, Fangs and Flowers, at Alton Mill Arts Centre earlier this month. The artwork, inspired by the Hong Kong-based illustrator, is comprised of artwork created using a ball-point pen. Students focused their detailed drawings on various combinations of insects, amphibians, floral designs and graphic illustration.  

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"This project embodied all the skills that students developed and learned during semester one in the Regional Arts Program. Throughout the course, students engaged in various drawing exercises using different media to help them develop their skill levels and confidence," says Dr. Julie Smitka, teacher at Mayfield. "The students are very passionate, diligent and hardworking individuals. I am so very, very proud of their accomplishments."

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Read the student's testimonies below: ​

"Art has been my passion for my entire life and I find it very enjoyable and calming. I admire how art is unlike languages and without a strict definition, but can have any varying degree of specification on its meaning or feeling. I feel great to have my artwork shown in the gallery along with my peers because I feel my hard work and effort is being appreciated." – Clara W.

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"The art piece itself was supposed to represent humanity did to nature – the scorpion representing humanity, and the flowers inside, represent nature. I wanted to give this piece an ominous feeling to it, that is why the scorpion is drawn so dark – to give the viewer a feeling of uneasiness." – Supreet P.

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"My artwork took a lot of time and effort. It was something new that I haven't done before. I usually work with digital artworks. I like that Peony Yup's art is unique and that the artist has their own style. The quality of the work is also very fine." – Hafsa M.

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"I was so excited to have my artwork in a gallery because I never had any artwork featured before. It was exciting that others will see my work and what I am capable of achieving." – Jasondeep S.

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