February 20, 2019

David Leeder student, Zaida Smith celebrates women of colour through poetry

​In honour of Black History Month, Zaida Smith, a grade 7 student from David Leeder Middle School, wrote a poem, titled Beautiful. Her poem is inspired by A Big Dose of Lucky, a book written by Marthe Jocelyn. The book is about a young Black girl name Malou who is the only person in her whole orphanage who isn't Caucasian. Zaida wrote the poem to celebrate Malou's unique beauty, and that of all Black women and women of colour, who may not feel beautiful.

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Beautiful by Zaida Smith: 

This beauty with her God-given nappy hair is a storm unwilling to be washed away in a raging flood of straight locks.

One that no matter how hard they try can never be tamed, but in defiance will remain standing strong, daring and confident like the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

In a sea filled with the colour of peaches and cream, she sticks out like a sore thumb with her skin of rich, hot chocolate with a dash of nutmeg and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Her brown eyes are brighter than the sun, clearer than glass and as sharp as a knife.

The colour of sweet honey, oh how they glisten and gleam.

Set to continue the story of her ancestors stepping toward the dream of a better life, she walks with self-consciousness, not yet realizing she's poetry in motion.

Her lips eloquently speak the truth of those women and men before her who could not.

For they did not have the chance to show any of their emotions.

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