December 18, 2018

McBride students remind drivers to #ThinkofMe this holiday season

McBride Avenue Public School grade four and five classes partnered with a local LCBO store to take part in their #ThinkofMe campaign by designing over 125 bags to help raise awareness about the consequences of drinking and driving.

"We can't control other people's choices but if one person says something maybe nobody will listen, but if 1000 people make the bags, people will listen," says Ibrahim, student.

Finalist - IMG_6867 - resized.jpg

Before designing the bags, the grade four students did some in-class research about the short- and long-term effects of alcohol use, identify factors that can affect intoxication and the consequences it can have behind the wheel.

Part of the design process included coming up with their own taglines and drawing their own illustrations to help share powerful messages. The bags were then delivered to the local LCBO store where the manager selects the top bag designs to forward to the head office. One design is chosen amongst the finalists to be mass produced for LCBO's upcoming campaign.

Finalist - IMG_6868 - resized.jpg

"I tried to make my bag visually attractive. I write words and drew matching pictures. There is one picture to tell people not to drink, and another to tell people not to drive if you are drinking. You won't cause a crash if you don't drink and drive. The message I want to share is to not drink and drive," says Elvis, student. ​

It's McBride's first year taking part in their event and four of the students' designs have been forwarded on to compete against other finalists. The remaining bags will be used during their Don't Drive and Drive campaign.     

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