December 6, 2018

Glenforest empowers students in STEM, countrywide

The halls were bustling with excitement as nearly 2,000 students from across Canada gathered to attend the XPLOPRE STEM Conference in Brampton, to seek career advice, explore opportunities and be inspired. Organized and hosted by students at Glenforest Secondary School, this event is the country's largest student-run conference in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


"My hope is that students get exposed to the intricate niches of STEM. Traditionally, we view STEM as, 'you have to be a doctor, you have to be a scientist,' but there's actually many different niches like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and crypto," says Shyla Gupta, president of XPLORE STEM and student at Glenforest. "We're really excited to give all students exposure to these fields to see if it'll spark their interests."


From hands-on workshops, to networking, to one-on-one opportunities with industry leaders, to keynote addresses from the country's largest organizations, including McMaster University and Greater Toronto Airport Authority, students had wide array of opportunities to explore the many pathways through STEM education available to them.

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"Our hopes are also to expand our community, not just to high school students, but to target the younger community, especially middle school because in doing so, we know that they can expand their path as they go into high school," says Taranpreet Ghuman, co-president of XPLORE STEM and student at Glenforest.

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This is the school's fourth year hosting this conference. "We're very proud of Glenforest students and staff for planning this event to inspire others to grow their passion and skills in STEM. It also allows our community partners to work with incredible students who may one day be their future employees," says Cheri Riddell, principal at Glenforest.

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Glenforest XPLORE STEM conference organizers

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