November 30, 2018

Modern learners create instruments through coding

​Modern learners from Royal Orchard Middle School's grade 7 classroom used their 21st century skills to create their own instruments through coding. Students utilized a circuit board, connected it to their computer and inputted a code in order to create their instruments, including a piano and trumpet.


"I had a high interest in music and in technology, so we decided to combine the two so we can make music with technology," says Connor Grant, student at Royal Orchard. "I made the piano because I played the guitar for a long time but I thought I would do something different because keyboards are a very popular instrument so I wanted to remake it into a cardboard instrument."

In the modern classroom, student's interests are incorporated into their learning. These students in particular expressed an interest in technology while their parents identified an interest in music. "As soon as I showed them this project, they were very enthusiastic about exploring and sharing their creations," says Terri Yates, teacher librarian at Royal Orchard.

These students are registered in the school's Regional Learning Choices Program, Actively in Motion (AIM), which seeks to help students stay motivated and engaged through the learning process by increasing students' interest, skill development and active involvement.

"I thought it was really fun creating them. At the very end seeing all the work you did on the computer. Also, going on this piano and seeing it in action is pretty cool," says Grant.


"I learned how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on my trumpet so now I know the keys and I just have to practice on an actual trumpet," says Thomas Smith, student at Royal Orchard. "Now we're going to go into our class and act as a teacher. We're going to tell them it's a fun experience, show them what we did with the instruments, show them how it works and how they can do it too." ​

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