October 31, 2018

Jean Augustine students help renown chocolatier at the 2018 World Chocolate Masters

​When world renown chocolatier, Chris Kwok, heard about The Colectve group at Jean Augustine Secondary School, he knew he had to meet them and collaborate on a project. He enlisted the help of students to assist him in building his masterpiece for the Canadian preselections round of the World Chocolate Masters World Final. The students helped design molds, and utilize 21st century technology and their design skills to create a chocolate landscape to present on the world stage. The World Chocolate Masters will be taking place from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 in Paris.   ​


There was a strong passion to innovate and an urge to explore new grounds brewing in Mr. Currie's Design class. All it took was a group of students with the drive to turn their curiosity into reality to form The Colectve in 2017.

"We, at The Colectve, value design and collaboration at the forefront of interdisciplinary, activism and innovation."

From 3D printing to photography, and much in between, The Colectve are a team of creative individuals exploring new ideas each day.

"Through our collective expertise, our work showcases a variety of disciplines, all going beyond design borders."

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