June 29, 2018

Cawthra Park and Stephen Lewis students publish academic journal in collaboration with university professors

Students from Cawthra Park and Stephen Lewis Secondary Schools collaborated to publish the second youth issue for the Journal for Activist Science and Technology Education (JASTE). Student contributors focused on investigating real-world issues and applying the science and technology curriculum in an action-oriented manner, tackling topics such as classroom noise and grades, wetland preservation, diet and climate change, sugar as a controlled substance and more.

The academic journal was completed under the direction and guidance of Peel board staff, Mirjan Krstovic, Instructional Coach at Peel board's Mississauga Field Office, and Dave Del Gobbo, Special Education teacher at Stephen Lewis. Art students, under the direction of Brett Boivin, art teacher at Stephen Lewis, created custom cover art and illustrations for this issue.​ The Ontario Ministry of Education funded this journal as part of its Community-Connected Experiential Learning project and invited students to contribute and collaborate in writing and producing the journal.

JASTE 2018 Group.JPG

JASTE provides high school students with the unique opportunity to delve into post-secondary academia and become published authors in a peer-reviewed environment while investigating real world issues. Students from Cawthra Park and Stephen Lewis secondary schools were chosen as contributors to this year's edition.

The academic journal was reviewed by university professors: Steve Alsop from York University, Larry Bence from the University of Toronto and Jesse Bazzul from the University of Regina.

The first issue of JASTE was released in May 2014 with the contribution of Erindale Secondary School students and is available here. Krstovic and Del Gobbo hope to expand JASTE into an annual publication involving more Peel board schools in the future.

Download JASTE 2018 here

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