June 26, 2018

Business students from Castlebrooke SS lead successful market business

​Grade 10 business students from Castlebrooke Secondary School successfully led their very own market business from May 24 to June 1, 2018. Together, students earned $1,068.80 and donated all the proceeds to Seva Food Bank.

 Grade 10 Business Spring Into Summer Market_26June2018_resized.jpg

Students ran their own business as part of the school's initiative to provide 21st century learners with project-based learning opportunities. This experienced enabled students to put their business knowledge to practice. Students sold a variety of items, including cupcakes, brownies, lemonade, pizza, hot dogs and popcorn. The profits they gained were donated to charity to highlight the vital role that businesses play in the community by being ethical and socially responsible.

Castlebrooke Secondary School is an innovative learning environment for the 21st century student to learn and grow. The school offers SHSM programs in Information and Communications Technology and Sports to promote "collaboration, creativity and innovation among students working together to develop and enhance their critical thinking, problem solving and communications skills." 

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