June 8, 2018

Castlebridge’s friendly dodgeball tournament strengthens family of schools bond

Castlebridge Public School hosted a friendly and high-energy John Fraser Family of Schools dodgeball tournament to merge together five schools into one big team.

Castlebridge friendly dodgeball tournament strengthens family of schools bond_8June2018_1_resized.jpg

At the tournament, grades 4 and 5 students showcased their team spirit by creating team cheers and led their own team huddle pep talks at halftime. While most tournaments are competitive in nature, this Family of Schools proves its familial ties are strong with its "blended" teams. After the final whistle of the championship game, this fun, collaborative, spirited and inclusive experience made this the true victory. 


The event was organized by students and staff at Castlebridge with the assistance from its graduates from its feeder schools and Thomas Street Middle School's athletic council students who help plan, officiate and score keep at the tournament.

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