April 11, 2018

Two Peel schools receive Jane Goodall grant to further sustainability goals and indigenous perspectives

Allan A. Martin Public School and Stephen Lewis Secondary School received up to $500 from the Jane Goodall Institute's Roots and Shoots program grant to support sustainability goals and indigenous perspectives at school.  ​

Allan A. Martin will utilize the grant to expand the school's pollinator garden and create a green entry into the school. The school hopes that the pathway will create a non-destructive space for students and the community to walk through its gardens.

Lead by the Eco club, the school will also plant a variety of native grasses in the garden to attract a greater variety of birds and insects, including the yellow finch. As part of the school's sustainability project and in response to declining bee populations, students will fill the garden with "bee hotels," which serve as a resting location for pollinators.

Stephen Lewis will utilize the grant to explore indigenous issues. Students will visit the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto to participate in an "Indigenize our Minds" workshop. The experience offers students an opportunity to learn about indigenous games, historical treaties, as well as the culture and history of various groups.

​Student will document their experiences and create a documentary based on possible solutions to assist and explore issues faced by Iindigenous people.

The Roots and Shoots programs supports young people "who are making a change that benefits people, animals and the environment."​

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