March 27, 2018

Queenston Drive students to promote autism awareness

Grade seven and eight students from Queenston Drive Public School's contained Intermediate Autism Spectrum Disorder (IASD) program were asked to create a presentation for York University nursing students on March 26. Students with special needs are offered "contained" classes, where classroom sizes are no more than eight students per one teacher and two teaching assistants. The presentation, titled "A to Z of Autism," will help educate future healthcare practitioners at York University about potential needs for individuals with autism.

Under the guidance of Erica Glover, intermediate ASD teacher at Queenston Drive, students were given tasks to help support and develop life skills, personal development needs and academic skills as part of the project. Glover then reviewed student findings and assisted with collating the results into the presentation. A number of students chose to relate their own experiences to their research and communicate what autism means for them personally.

It showcases what our contained ASD kids are capable of doing with the right supports, time and understanding," says Glover. The students were involved at every step of the presentation and collaborated as they brainstormed ideas for each letter of the alphabet before conducting research and gathering supporting resources with their iPads.

The presentation is part of a larger initiative to promote autism awareness within the school and the local community, including Springfield Public School.

Queenston Drive staff and students will also participate in Autism Ontario's "Raise the Flag" fundraiser in support of local children with autism in the community.

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