December 15, 2017

Beatty-Fleming Sr. Public School holds its first Hackergal Hackathon

​Beatty-Fleming Sr. Public School held its first ever Hackergal Hackathon on Dec. 13, 2017. Students competed against each other in the eight hour competition to see who was able to code the most creative story from beginning to end with a holiday theme using Python programming language. The teams were assessed on design, gameplay, interesting dialogue, diverse characters and coding technique.

Over 90 schools and 2,900 students from across Canada participated in the hackathon. Hackergals helped Beatty-Fleming Sr. set up the young codesters with the tools and skills needed to code. The purpose of the hackathon is to promote computer science to young girls across Canada to inspire more female coders in the tech industry.  ​

To view the student's holiday themed Python story, please visit

resize_Hackathon Team.jpg

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