June 30, 2017

Jean Augustine Secondary School students use 3D printing at the Canadian Chocolate Master Competition

​Jean Augustine Secondary School students recently partnered with Canadian Chef Chris Kwok, the leading chocolatier in Canada, for the Canadian Chocolate Master competition in Montreal. ​

Chef Kwok won first place thanks to molded architectural buildings students designed using 3D print technology.  Students strategically worked together to design and create 3D printing structures which were used by the chocolatier to create his winning masterpiece. 

Students at Jean Augustine have been part of a group called "The Colectve" which focuses on working collectively in their disciplines to learn and share ideas with each other. This project has taught students communication, leadership and teamwork skills. 

Students and staff are thankful to Chef Kwok for the opportunity to be a part of his masterpiece. More about the competition can be found here​​.
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