June 12, 2017

Close encounters of the third kind at Thornwood

​An alien spaceship crash landed at Thornwood Public School in the morning on Friday, June 9. Students engaged in a full investigation, led by Luna Stargazer, as to how and why this friendly and curious alien has come to land at the school.​


​Students crowd around the crashed spaceship as officials conduct their investigation.


Thornwood has partnered with Story Planet, an organization that brings together artists, writers and volunteers to support communication and literacy skills through story telling.


​Student describes the situation to​ a police officer.


A group of 20 students at the school had the incredible opportunity to work collaboratively with their team, as well as the production crew from Sinking Ship Entertainment.


​Student works w​ith production crew to design the spaceship.

​Their collaboration took the students through all the stages production, from design and development, to final build. The spaceship was featured at the Toronto Storytelling Festival at Harbourfront in April.


Thornwood students help build the s​paceship, giv​e first coat of paint.


These students will join the crew from Story Planet to stage the crash landing of the spaceship on the front lawn of the school. They will also facilitate the investigation with the goal of sparking student inquiry and promoting storytelling among their peers.​

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