June 1, 2017

Peel students showcase films at the sixth annual Peel Student Film Festival

​On May. 23, 800 Peel secondary school students gathered at the Rose Theatre in Brampton for the sixth annual Peel Student Film Festival. Students from across Peel schools were invited to a screening of films created by their peers.

Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey attended the event and praised the next generation of young filmmakers in Peel. The Peel Student Film Festival empowers young artists to express their creativity, entertain audiences and helps build confidence. 

The 2017 winning films are as follows:

1st Place: The Reason for the Sun - Joshua Rooplall, Kyiele Gaspard - Central Peel S.S. 
2nd Place: Dream - India Coossa - Humberview S.S.
3rd Place:  Barry's Success Plan - Balpiar Brar - Brampton Centennial S.S.

1st Place: Re:Life- Ahamed Khan, Vivek Shegal - Fletcher's Meadow S.S.
2nd Place: Sharpie Commercial- Maryam Kakal, Medha Prasad - John Fraser S.S.
3rd Place: Snickers Commercial – Djordge Dzudza - Port Credit Secondary School
 1st Place: Feral Cat Colony Caregiver- Mia Maaytah - Humberview S.S.
 2nd Place: Black History Year – Aaryaman Sundarakrishnan, Wisam- AEC - Mississauga Campus
 3rd Place: OFSAA Provincial Wrestling Championships 2017- Michyla Marshall-Tross, Rula Al-Zahed - Louise Arbour S.S.

1st Thinking Box- Tristan Costea Pina, Alexia Costea Pina - Streetsville S.S.
2nd Place: The Wizard Of Oz - Emily Thich, Mahima Bassi - Brampton Centennial S.S.
3rd Place: Then- Brayden Nilsen - John Fraser S.S.

Movie Trailers 
1st Place: The Distinguished Life of Florence Hasselhoff – Samina Khaliq, Lilian Do, Omar Garcia, Sarah Nandkissore– Applewood Heights S.S. 
2nd Place: Tecnicolor Daydreams - Sidak Manchanda - Streetsville S.S.
3rd Place: Others – Saahil Matharu – Fletcher’s Meadow S.S.

1st Place: Pharrell Williams' Happy (Recreation)- Dysen Bozic-Camar - Humberview S.S.
2nd Place: Redbone - Emily Thich, Mahima Bassi - Brampton Centennial S.S.
3rd Place: Rule – Brianna Acebedo- Humberview S.S.

 1st Place: Notified- Elizabeth Intac, Trewlawny Reid, Udaibir Dhaliwal – Fletcher’s Meadow S.S.
 2nd Place: Ask for Help – DC Dzoja - John Fraser Secondary School
 3rd Place: Tell Someone – Noman Shaikh - John Fraser Secondary School

1st Place: Would You Stay? – Nayab Gilani - David Suzuki S.S.
2nd Place: The Filmographer – Jack Peresin- Cawthra Park S.S.
3rd Place: Lisa- Elizabeth Intac, Hayah Imam – Fletcher’s Meadow S.S.

The winning videos can be found here.​ For more information on the Peel Student Film Festival visit www.peelstudentfilmfestival.com 

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