March 29, 2017

Central Peel Secondary School places second at the 2017 NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest

NASA team with teacher.JPG

​Central Peel's NASA team has received the second prize at the 2017 NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest. Central Peel is the only Canadian team to receive the NASA award this year and the first school in Peel to be recognized for this award.

The students researched and submitted a cross-disciplinary project on the education, economics, government, science and sustainability of life on a settlement that orbits a planet.

Central Peel Secondary School's NASA team is made up of five, Grade 12 students:

​Kanav Arora
Rinay Shah
Vishvam Mazumdar
Vraj Patel​
Vyshna Krishnakumar​
NASA team just students.JPG

The team will be presenting their project at the International Space Development Conference on May 25 in St. Louis, MO.

The international contest is coordinated by the NASA Ames Research Centre, National Space Society and San Jose State University. This year, NASA received over 1,500 submissions from more than 6,000 students from all over the world.​

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