August 22, 2016

How high school works inside Brampton's Roy McMurtry Youth Centre

​Roy McMurtry School (RMS) operates under the motto, "Education is liberation". Principal Karen Hobbins feels the Brampton high school, located within the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre (RMYC) lives up to the phrase with its individualized approach to learning. 

RMS is Grades 9 to 12 with students earning credits towards a diploma. There are up to eight students in a classroom and RMS students are male, ranging from 12 to 21. Those too young for high school receive alternate material. In the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, the Brampton jail had 150 registered pupils each year.

A typical school day at the jail consists of four, one-hour periods. There are several courses offered, the most common being math, science and English. Some other classes include visual arts, social sciences and humanities as well as health and physical education.

"It's an opportunity to make a difference, to turn things around for many youth who may have had negative experiences, or a lack of success in school before." – Principal Karen Hobbins

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