June 23, 2016

Student team from Glenforest Secondary School wins first place in Biomimicry Global Design Challenge

A team of students from Glenforest Secondary School have won first place in the student category of the annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge after designing a sustainable water reclamation and crop irrigation system. Each year, high school and university students across the globe enter the competition and design nature-inspired solutions around a theme or problem.

This year's challenge was to design a solution using s​ustainable technology inspired by nature that would solve a problem with the global food system. Using biomimicry – designing technology with inspiration from nature – the student team at Glenforest developed a solution to crop irrigation that they call Stillae. The design draws inspiration from plants, lichen and insects to efficiently and sustainably draw moisture from the air and use that moisture to irrigate crops.

To view the submission and learn about its inspiration, visit: http://challenge.biomimicry.o​rg/en/custom/gal​​lery/view/8114.

Watch the video submission explaining the design:

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