March 31, 2016

Students of Castle Oaks Public School spend four days exploring a makerspace in their school

​​The staff and students of Castle Oaks Public School​ participated in a school-wide, four-day makerspace exploration event to foster creativity, imagination and problem solving.  Students of all grade levels engaged in hands on learning experiences in the library learning commons including sewing, looming, sock puppet making, paper creations, coding and a disassemble station. The students also explored the newly installed Lego wall. 

During the event, students offered feedback about their experience and suggestions to assist with planning future makerspace activities throughout the school, sharing thoughts such as:

​"I love to make stuff with my friends."

"My favourite part was everything! Can we come again?"

"I liked the fabric station and learning to use the sewing machine."

"I loved the Lego wall!"

"I liked taking things apart."

"Can we do this everyday?"
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