May 26, 2015

Morning Star Middle School students win National Student Innovation Award

Grade 6 arts and technology students at Morning Star Public School received the National Student Innovation Award, along with a $500 cash prize, at The Learning Partnership’s Entrepreneurial Adventure Program competition at First Canadian Place on May 20, 2015.

As part of the Entrepreneurial Adventure Program, students had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship in order to develop their enterprising spirit, financial literacy, innovative thinking and social responsibility.  Under the supervision of teachers Khristophe Hart and Kiran Pothula, students learned the basics of entrepreneurship, created business plans and facilitated school-wide events throughout the school year, including:
  • creating a non-governmental organization, ATP Interact
  • promoting children’s rights in the community through community events
  • organizing a five kilometre walk in the community
  • setting up a business venture, ‘Funky Friday’ and running it every Friday
  • engaging in social development activities such as community clean-up and tree-planting
Jake Dheer, station manager of Rogers TV Mississauga and Helen Burrowes, long-serving Rotarian with Mississauga-Airport Rotary Club, acted as business mentors in the program. Students were responsible for creating promotional materials, calculating expenses and profit, as well as electing student leaders to help transform ideas into action. To date, the student-led events have raised a total of $2100. All proceeds have been dedicated to support children’s rights, with funds donated to CCAMRE (Canadian Central American Relied Effort) to help the Mayan Chorti tribal children in Volcancito, Guatemala, and to Rotary International to help vaccinate children affected by polio.  

Morning Star also received the Judge’s Choice Award for Team Work, Enterprising Spirit, Originality and Impact on School/Community. Over 47,000 students across Canada applied for the competition.

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