May 25, 2015

Chris Hadfield Public School celebrates official school opening with namesake

Staff and students at Chris Hadfield Public School had an exciting day May 21 when they were joined by the school's namesake for their official school opening.

Col. Chris Hadfield started the day with a tour of the school, taking the time to meet with students from all grades and answer questions about a wide range of topics. Topics that the students asked about included how his singing voice changes in space (it's lik​e singing with a cold!) and how he felt the day of his first rocket launch (excited and nervous!).

Hadfield then helped Principal Stephen Webb unveil a mural painted by the students. Finally, Hadfield attended the offical opening ceremony where he spoke a few words, was presented with a guitar hand-painted by students and joined the children as they sang the song he co-wrote: I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?).


Hadfield answers student questions during a tour of the school.


Hadfield helps students and principal, Stephen Webb, unveil a student-made mural.


Students present Hadfield with a hand-painted guitar.


Hadfield giving a space launch demonstration.


Hadfield sings I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?) ​with students.

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