April 16, 2015

Morning Star Middle School students start a business to raise funds for charity

After starting their own business in October 2014, students in Morning Star's Arts and Technology regional program have donated their profit of over $1,400 to support children in need in Volcancito, Guatemala. The funds were donated to two organizations: Rotary International and Canadian Central American Relief Effort. Both organizations support children's rights movements in Volcancito including helping students get higher education and providing food for families.

The students developed the business idea on their own and call it "Funky Friday" because it usually runs on Fridays. The business is entirely student-run, complete with elected executives, treasurers, secretaries and business plans, and will run until the end of the year. The students hold weekly meetings to decide on the next fundraising activities and all suggestions are voted on. After each week's event the treasurers and some volunteers count the income, input the numbers into an Excel worksheet and calculate the profit before giving the funds to a staff member to be deposited. Past activities include buy-in sports activities in the gym, food sales, jewelry sales and educational activities.

​The students have used this experience as a chance to not only raise funds for a great cause, but also learn basic business skills and experience many entrepreneurial challenges such as dealing with unpopular activities and balancing the different opinions of an executive team. The students have also received advice from local business owners to help build their skills.

Learn more about the Arts and Technology regional program here​.

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