November 17, 2014

Sheridan Park students take the WITS oath during Bullying Awareness Week

As part of Bullying Awareness Week Sheridan Park Public School students will be joined by WWE star Anthony Carelli, better known by his stage-name Santino Marella, on Nov. 20 in special ceremonies to teach them about the WITS acronym. The WITS acronym – Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek help – will be taught by staff at Sheridan Park as a strategy students can use when faced with conflict. 

Students in kindergarten to grade 3 will attend a special 30-minute ceremony to learn about WITS and take the oath making them WITS Special Constables. A second ceremony will involve all grade 4 to 6 students as they take part in a Tug-of-Help interactive skit designed to introduce them to WITS and encourage them to help support and seek the support they need to prevent bullying.

“We are so happy to have Anthony with us to help educate our students about the WITS acronym,” says Lynn Dirks, Principal of Sheridan Park. “Involving community partners in important school initiatives like Bullying Awareness Week helps us engage students with familiar topics in new ways.”


Media Contact: George Soultanidis, Vice Principal, Sheridan Park Public School, [email protected], 905-822-2401

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