August 26, 2014

Central Peel students go green and gold to kick off 2014-15 school year

​School uniform pilot part of Peel board initiatives to attract, retain students

Central Peel Secondary School students will kick off the 2014-15 school year wearing their new uniforms, featuring the school's green and gold colours. The school will pilot a mandatory school uniform for all students in grades 9 to 12 after a survey conducted by school staff found that more than 75 per cent of families—80 per cent of those who voted—support a school uniform at Central Peel. 

 "We know, from interactions with families, during the survey, that the majority are looking forward to a mandatory uniform at Central Peel. We have already had an incredibly positive response to the uniform. Some families come from countries where a school uniform was a part of the regular school routine so this is a welcome initiative," says Principal Lawrence deMaeyer. "We're excited about the responses and look forward to our students more outwardly sharing their school pride in the community."

"One of the things we heard from families and students was that school uniforms would be welcome at the secondary level," says Brian Woodland, director of communications and community relations. "For many parents, school uniforms level the playing field for students and enhance school pride and spirit. We're glad the board approved the exemption to the policy so that we can pilot this program in 2014-15 at Central Peel. We will use the information from the pilot to inform revisions to our uniform policy."

In 2012, the Peel District School Board conducted research into factors that affect secondary school choice. In the last three years, there has been considerable new work at the school and board level to attract and retain students, including the creation of a Student Attract and Retain (StAR) Committee. This working group of trustees, leadership team members, communications staff and administrators was tasked with the development of specific strategies to attract and retain students in the future.

The StAR committee established short-term sub-committees in the following areas:

  • program
  • extracurricular activities
  • curb appeal
  • transitions
  • transportation

Based on the reports from the sub-committees, there are a series of recommendations from StAR, some of which were presented as business cases in the budget process last spring. Trustees unanimously approved:

  • a $1.3 million investment in improving our secondary schools' curb appeal
  • $850,000 for schools to support extracurricular activities and a dedicated position to support athletics
  • $45,000 to help showcase secondary and middle schools at the board's Peel Advantage Fairs this fall
  • lowering busing eligibility distances for Grade 1 and high school students


Central Peel is located at 32 Kennedy Rd. N in Brampton.




Media contacts: 
Lawrence deMaeyer, Principal, Central Peel Secondary School, 905-451-0432, [email protected] 

Brian Woodland, Director of Communications & Community Relations Support Services, 905-890-1010 ext. 2812, [email protected]

Reference: Ryan Reyes, Communications Officer, 905-890-1010 ext. 2652, [email protected] 

Notes to media: 
For a copy of the STAR committee's report, see section 9.5 of the June 10, 2014 Board Meeting Agenda.
Click here to download the 2014-15 back to school backgrounder.

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