June 19, 2014

90 Peel board schools earn Ontario EcoSchools certification

The Peel District School Board will recognize ninety of its schools that have received the platinum, gold, silver or bronze EcoSchools certifications, recognizing work that was completed during the 2013-14 school year. Of these schools, Derry West Village Public School has achieved platinum-level certification. Certified schools will receive a recognition toolkit to celebrate their success and their achievements will be showcased at the Regular Meeting of the Board on June 18.

"Becoming a certified EcoSchool is a major achievement—it requires the entire school community to work together," says Tracy Appleton, EcoSchools program leader with the Peel board. "Through the program,  students work with staff and community members to develop strategies to conserve energy, reduce waste, green their schoolyard, and develop environmental literacy. To see our students empowered to affect positive change in their schools and communities as environmentally responsible citizens is truly inspiring.”

The recognition toolkit includes:
• EcoSchool plaque and seal
• letter from Peel board’s Director of Education, Tony Pontes
• letter from the mayor of their city
• metal sign to hang on the outside of the school building
• resources for teachers to continue their work of embedding environmental education into their lessons      

The EcoSchools program enables schools to bring to action the messages contained in the Ministry of Education Environmental Education Policy Framework (2009) entitled Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow: A Policy Framework for Environmental Education in Ontario Schools. Schools also use this program to support their School Success Planning initiatives and environmental education  links to the curriculum. Also, it has been shown that EcoSchools generate less waste and reduce energy consumption. This year, schools were also encouraged to implement Active Transportation campaigns within their Environmental Stewardship section to support the Region of Peel’s Climate Change Strategy.

Support for the EcoSchools program has been provided by the Peel board, the Region of Peel and Toronto and Region Conservation.

Media contact: Tracy Appleton, EcoSchools Program Leader, 905-890-1010, ext. 2168 or [email protected]

Reference: Avishka Juta, Communications Assistant, 905-890-1010, ext. 2098 or [email protected]

Note to media: Please see attached for a complete list of  Peel schools that received EcoSchools certification in 2013-14.

School Name   Municipality
Agnes Taylor Public School  Brampton
Aloma Crescent Public School  Brampton
Balmoral Senior Public School  Brampton
Beatty Fleming Senior Public School  Brampton
Beryl Ford Public School   Brampton
Brisdale Public School  Brampton
Burnt Elm Public School  Brampton
Castlebrooke Secondary School  Brampton
Castlemore Public School  Brampton
Centennial Senior Public School  Brampton
Claireville Public School  Brampton
Conestoga Public School  Brampton
Copeland Public School   Brampton
David Suzuki Secondary School  Brampton
Eagle Plains Public School  Brampton
Edenbrook Hill Public School  Brampton
Fernforest Public School  Brampton
Glendale Public School  Brampton
Goldcrest Public School  Brampton
Great Lakes Public School  Brampton
Greenbriar Senior Public School  Brampton
Hanover Public School  Brampton
Heart Lake Secondary School  Brampton
Hilldale Public School  Brampton
Ingleborough Public School  Brampton
Judith Nyman Secondary School  Brampton
Kingswood Drive Public School  Brampton
Larkspur Public School  Brampton
Louise Arbour Secondary School  Brampton
Massey Street Public School  Brampton
Morton Way Public School  Brampton
Mountain Ash Middle School  Brampton
Parkway Public School  Brampton
Peel Alternative School - North  Brampton
Ridgeview Public School  Brampton
Roberta Bondar Public School  Brampton
Rowntree Public School  Brampton
Sandalwood Heights Secondary School  Brampton
Shaw Public School  Brampton
Sir Isaac Brock Public School  Brampton
Sir William Gage Middle School  Brampton
Sunny View Middle School  Brampton
Terry Fox Public School  Brampton
Treeline Public School  Brampton
Williams Parkway Senior Public School  Brampton
Worthington Public School  Brampton
Allloa Public School  Caledon
Caledon East Public School  Caledon
Ellwood Memorial Public School  Caledon
Macville Public School  Caledon
SouthFields Village Public School  Caledon
Artesian Drive Public School  Mississauga
Allan A. Martin Senior Public School  Mississauga
Brandon Gate Public School  Mississauga
Camilla Road Senior Public School  Mississauga
Castlebridge Public School  Mississauga
Cawthra Park Secondary School  Mississauga
Clifton Public School  Mississauga
Darcel Senior Public School  Mississauga
Derry West Village Public School  Mississauga
Dunrankin Drive Public School  Mississauga
Edenwood Middle School  Mississauga
Erin Mills Middle School  Mississauga
Fallingbrook Middle School  Mississauga
Floradale Public School  Mississauga
Forest Glen Public School  Mississauga
Glenforest Secondary School  Mississauga
Glenhaven Senior Public School  Mississauga
Hazel McCallion Senior Public School  Mississauga
Levi Creek Public School  Mississauga
Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School  Mississauga
McKinnon Public School  Mississauga
Meadowvale Village Public School  Mississauga
Mississauga Secondary School  Mississauga
Oakridge Public School  Mississauga
Oscar Peterson Public School  Mississauga
Owenwood Public School  Mississauga
Peel Alternative School - South  Mississauga
Queenston Drive Public School  Mississauga
Ridgewood Public School  Mississauga
Riverside Public School  Mississauga
Silverthorn Public school  Mississauga
Stephen Lewis Secondary School  Mississauga
The Woodlands Secondary School  Mississauga
Thorn Lodge Public School  Mississauga
Thornwood Public School  Mississauga
TL Kennedy Secondary School  Mississauga
Trelawny Public School  Mississauga
Whitehorn Public School  Mississauga
Whiteoaks Public School  Mississauga

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