April 25, 2014

Turner Fenton Secondary School hosts its first mental health and wellness symposium

On May 1, more than 200 students and staff of Turner Fenton Secondary School will participate in a full-day mental health and wellness symposium. The event, If you really knew me…, is intended to raise awareness and discussion around mental illness. Author Ryan Porter will speak to participants about goal setting and valuing your own voice.

“This is the time to bring awareness to an issue that plagues our youth,” says Lindsay Watson, guidance counsellor at Turner Fenton and symposium coordinator. “As educators, we have a responsibility to provide students with the tools and strategies they need to help themselves and others through mental health issues.”

By organizing its first mental health and wellness symposium, Turner Fenton hopes students will feel prepared to face day-to-day challenges and seek help through a number of resources that are available to them. “In offering this symposium, we are working proactively so that students will recognize they are not alone in working through any mental health challenges they or their friends are facing,” notes Michelle Stubbings, principal at Turner Fenton.

Participants will discuss a variety of topics, including:
• helping friends and family with mental illness
• mindfulness
• yoga and meditation
• art therapy
• the power of words

The symposium is only open to students and staff from Turner Fenton. Porter’s keynote presentation begins at 9:45 a.m. and ends at 10:45 a.m. Breakout sessions will run after that. Turner Fenton is located at 7935 Kennedy Road South in Brampton.


Media contact:
Sue Laidlaw, Vice Principal, Turner Fenton Secondary School, 905-453-9220, [email protected]

Lindsay Watson, Guidance Counsellor, Turner Fenton Secondary School, 905-453-9220, [email protected]

Audrey Crasto, Multicultural Settlement and Education Partnership Assistant, 905-890-1010 ext. 2462, [email protected]

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