February 18, 2014

March 7, 2014, is an unpaid day for all permanent teaching staff—there is no school on this day

As you know from our school year calendar, March 7, 2014, is a Ministry Designated Day. Students will not be at school on this day.

Traditionally, school staff participate in professional learning activities on these days. However, the Ministry of Education has designated March 7 as an unpaid day for some staff and a professional development day for others.

Based on new provincial legislation, permanent teachers, both elementary and secondary, will take March 7 as an unpaid day and are not required to be at work on that day. March 7 is a regular, paid work day for all other Peel board staff members and many will participate in professional learning offered through the board on this day. In some cases, principals and vice-principals will choose to take this day as an unpaid day and will also not be present in their schools. In other cases, administrators will choose to take an unpaid day at another time and will be at school on March 7.


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