June 11, 2013

Peel board acts on 33 findings to “transform” equitable hiring

Progress “on track” for The Journey Ahead

From ensuring interview questions assess a candidate’s ability to work with a diverse student population, to requiring interview teams for all competitions, the Peel District School Board is acting on The Journey Ahead action plan. In a public report to the board, staff highlighted that the work on the 33 findings in the plan is on track since the launch in January 2013.

“What we are doing—as this progress report shows—is to transform the work of the Peel board in equitable hiring and promotion,” says Scott Moreash, associate director of instructional support services, and organizational lead on the plan. “We are absolutely on track with where we said we would be as of June, but we still have much work to do as a system.”

Notes Tony Pontes, director of education, “I know the expectations in the community, and in our staff, are high, but there is a reason we called this The Journey Ahead. It will take us time to get to our destination of equitable hiring and promotion. And we are not there yet. But I am proud of the progress we have made, and the hard work of staff at every level of the organization to make this journey successful.”

The plan—The Journey Ahead: Our Action Plan for Equitable Hiring and Promotion in Peel—was the result of extensive review of the board’s hiring practices by an external consultant. Says Moreash, “this plan is our roadmap to ensure a highly qualified, diverse workforce, and I am proud of the hard work and the progress to date.”

Adds Moreash, “Despite the unusual year this has been in public education, we have remained focused on our commitment to equitable hiring and promotion in Peel. In fact, by the end of June, all of our principals, vice-principals and senior team will have completed mandatory day-long, bias-free hiring and anti-oppression training. There will be more training in the fall—and much more work to do on the action plan.”

Other actions completed in the plan include:
• ensure interview questions assess the candidate’s ability to work with a diverse student population
• require interview teams be used for all competitions
• remove the requirement that teachers have the signature of their principal or superintendent to move forward for promotion

“One of the expectations of this board of trustees in approving The Journey Ahead was that we receive regular, public updates on our progress,” notes Janet McDougald, chair of the board, “It is gratifying to see so much done in such a short time. This plan has the full support of the board and the senior administration, and we have made that support clear in our budget allocation to make sure we enhance the progress on the action plan”.

For more information, view the action plan and progress report.


Media contact: Scott Moreash, Associate Director of Instructional Support Services, Peel District School Board, [email protected], 905-890-1010 ext. 2041

Reference: Brian Woodland, Director of Communications and Community Relations Support Services, Peel District School Board, [email protected], 905-890-1010 ext. 2812

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