November 20, 2020

Review our Family Guide and help your teen plan for grade 9 course selection for 2021-22

Dear Parents/Guardians of Grade 8 students, ​

This fall, current Grade 8 students will select their courses for Grade 9. Before they do, the Peel District School Board wants to ensure families and students have the tools they need to make informed decisions about high school course selection and future pathways. The Family Guide for Grade 9 Course Selection will help support your teen’s transition to secondary school, and help you and your family understand the programs, pathways, and technical aspects of the course selection process.

Starting next week, grade 8 students will also be receiving a course selection form that can be used for planning purposes prior to course selection in myBlueprint. In preparation for this, please review the Family Guide and have your teen confirm the high school they will be attending with their guidance teacher.  

From Dec. 1 to 18, 2020 grade 8 students will be required to select their courses for grade 9 in myBlueprint. Once your child's courses are submitted in myBlueprint, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to approve all course selections. During this time, school staff will support students as needed and are available to respond to any questions or concerns.

Your child’s school will be in touch with you soon for more information about course selection. In the meantime, please review the Family Guide for Grade 9 Course Selection and visit 

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